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Public Health Nursing 3.0:  A Call to Action
Deadline to Submit: Dec 31, 2019

Presented by:
Association of Public Health Nurses (APHN)

Public Health Nursing 3.0 reflects the nature of the work and issues that public health nurses are engaged in across the nation as part of the movement to strengthen and transform our health system and improve overall population health. The conference will engage participants in dialogue about the next steps which are necessary to prepare and position public health nurses for 21st Century practice.

The Conference Learning Outcomes include:

Demonstrate how public health agencies can incorporate principles of Public Health 3.0 and social determinants of health into their workforce training programs.

Describe strategies and emerging practices to develop nurse leaders who promote building a culture of health in their communities.

Discuss ways in which academic partners are integrating social determinants, equity, and culture of health concepts into nursing curricula.

Describe strategies for public health departments to form active cross-sector partnerships with community stakeholders.

Explore efforts through which public health partners can develop and assess prevention initiatives targeting social determinants of health and health equity.

Discuss evaluation strategies for primary prevention initiatives at the community level.

Discuss ways in which communities have incorporated a health in all policies approach at the community systems level to advance health equity.

Explore innovative models for organizational funding of expanding public health core infrastructure and community work.

Discuss emerging practices to address the environmental and human health consequences of climate change.

General Conference Information:

The 2019 APHN annual conference will explore next steps in preparing for emerging roles and challenges for public health nursing in a transformed public health system, aligned with the vision of Public Health 3.0. Conference sessions will provide participants with an opportunity to engage with colleagues from across the country whose interests focus on public health/population health. Conference participants will include individuals from the public, private and non-profit sectors, as well as health, academic and community settings.  Participation in the conference will enable attendees to:

Strengthen collaborations and create new partnerships across fields and disciplines;

Increase awareness of how and where health inequities exist;

Spur innovative thinking to create changes in community and agency practices and policies;

Advance their ability to support initiatives to promote health equity;

Experience an opportunity for networking and learning with peers from across the country.

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